Hello everyone, it has been long while since our last post! We just wanted to update you on our current status. A Church of Us had just left yesterday and is back on the road, continuing from Dallas, Texas to Huntington Beach, California. I want to apologize for not keeping you guys updated on ¬†our season of rest for this upcoming part of the trip. God has been preparing and challenging our hearts like never before and is giving us things to improve on in the ministry. Kurt, a new member and co hiker of A Church Of Us, has been excited to be part of the crew. We have been helping him get prepared for the rest of the journey and are excited for you guys to get to know more about him. Recently we have come to realize that we are currently more than half way across the country and are estimating another 9 to 10 months of walking. This has been more than what we were expecting at the beginning of this journey; we thought this would only take a year, it has been almost two years, and with a lot of difficulty, but God has been faithful to us and we know without a doubt that he has kept us for a time like this. This trip has been a blessing in so many ways and forms that are too much explain with just words. Huge blessings, like you guys who we have met that have been a huge help and relief for us in times of struggle and restlessness, and the little blessings like pieces of nature that have caught our eyes that shows the creative beauty of God. Most of all our relationships have gotten closer to Jesus through it all. His unfailing love has gotten us so far and his presence has taught us to love each other more and more. God has taken us from Glory to Glory and it couldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for you guys whom God brought our way to support us through it all. Thank you all so much and we are excited to get you guys updated on our following travels!

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  • Larry Lambdin says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again at Heritage Fellowship in Jefferson City TN after this journey is completed. In other words, this is first of many journeys for Church of one.

  • nadine slayton says:

    Hello I have missed you guys post. I look forward to following you just like last time. God loves all of us and me and my family wish you all the blessing through your journey.
    We are glad to know that you have added a new Christian to your group. God Bless

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