The Trip So Far….(Part 2) by Jonathan Stoltzfus

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IMG_0979 (2)I left off on the first post that Lenny, the pastor of the New Covenant Church in Delta (I think it was in Delta), suggested us to a church also in Delta called Calvary Chapel. It was not far, only about a 4 miles journey. When we arrived at Calvary Chapel Josh, the youth pastor and worship leader, was there to greet us. He had a forest of a beard and a peaceful spirit. Trevor and I came to the conclusion that he was related to and looked like John Mark Mcmillan (if you don’t know him look him up, he’s pretty neat). Anyways, Josh looked up some church members to take us in and bless us. Josh also supplied us with some more survival food. Later that night, we attended the church service. Their message was very biblically sound and  true. We learned a lot from it. After the service a family took us in. They were very hospitable and a huge blessing. They gave us some muffins and a half gallon of milk and orange juice, it was awesome. In the morning we were taken back to the church by Josh and had a pretty awesome worship time with him. He really does have a huge heart and passion for worshiping the Lord. After a while Doug, the pastor of the church, told us about another church that he is connected to.

The next day we crossed over to Maryland! Before we arrived we called the church many times but to no answers. We got there and checked to see if anybody was there. There was no one. So we prayed and waited on God to show us where to go. There was a neighborhood a little ways in the distance and we felt lead to go towards it. When we came closer we felt lead to a certain house and as we were walking in that direction a car pulled out of the driveway. The guy in the car whose name was Chuck, let us stay in his backyard for the night. Chuck also provided us wood for a nice flaming fire. That night was extremely cold and what was worse was our sleeping bags got wet. It was probably less than 20 degrees and there was frost. Thank God we did not die because it was one of the most shivering nights of my life, but we thanked God anyways because of his mercy and it could have been a lot worse. That morning Chuck made us a nice warm eggs and toast, and it was good. May the Lord bless him for serving us.

Our next location was Bel Air Maryland. On the map we found a church there called the Church of Reconciliation. Trevor called the church and we started to head out. It was starting to get dark, we left late because of the weather so when we were about 2 miles away from the church the pastor came to pick us up. His name was Rob, people at his church call him Father Rob, and we stayed with his family for about 2 days. While we were their we had the privilege of going to their church and speaking to their youth group. Trevor also for the first time preached the gospel boldly in a mall and was asked to stop by security. Pastor Rob then intervened and told the security that we were with him and they left. This family was a huge encouragement and support for us. We were fed very well and we felt like we were a part of their family. It was great seeing their church so on fire for the Lord and ready for a revival in America.  After we said goodbye about three or four times we departed.

Our next destination was PerryHall. Trevor’s dad, Gary, had a friend who lived in the area and he opened his house up to us. His name was Rick and we met up with him at a restaurant about 2 miles away from his house. He is an adventurous fellow who has traveled to Egypt, where he took a boat down the Nile river and recently took a  safari trip to Africa. That was not even part of all his adventures. He has pretty much been everywhere. He then drove us to his house and we were blessed to spend the night.

The next day we found a spanish church in Essex, Maryland. Before we arrived Trevor called the church with no reply. We got to the church and there was no one. We waited until night and started to call other churches in the area. A member of the church pulled up and told us that we could go to a Lutheran church down the street that would take us in. So we went and again no one was at the church. We felt the Holy Spirit tells us to wait so we waited patiently for the Lord to provide us a place. Eventually a man passed us and we asked if he knew any churches or anybody in the area. He then went to go ask his brother. His brother told us about a healing and delivery service that was happening at a church about two blocks away. We then made our way to that church. The church was called the New Life Sanctuary.

We got to the church and talked to a lot of people about what we were doing and they were very supporting. The service was pretty intense. A lot of people were healed and delivered and we learned a lot about how healing and deliverance works. After the service the pastors wife offered us a place to stay, they had a loft that we could use. The loft had a heater, two cots, and a bathroom. Klory, the youth pastor and secretary took care of us most of the time. She kept us alive and fed us breakfast the two days we stayed there. We had the opportunity to speak the youth group. God really moved and a lot of students were touched. Praise Jesus for their passionate and encouraging hearts. The next day we headed towards Baltimore city.

Our next stop was at a homeless shelter in Baltimore city called Helping Us Missions. We got to reach out to a few homeless people there and encourage them. They served us, fed us well, and we got to have some nice beds to sleep on. Early in the morning we were sent out into the city.  We got to see the sun rise at the harbor which was a beautiful and the city wake up. For most of the day we spent our time in a cafe working on the trip and around noon we headed out towards the inner harbor. During our time at the inner harbor we had the honor meeting a really cool saxophone player and some other people at a Barnes & Nobles bookstore. Through the Holy Spirit we encouraged and showed them the love of Jesus. Later that evening, Trevor and I did not have a place to sleep and it was cold. So we believed by faith that Jesus would provide a place for us to stay and thankfully he did. Trevor’s brother Gordon was working in Virginia and offered us a ride to Maxwells house, a great man of God and our spiritual teacher.

We stayed at Maxwells house for about four days and helped around his house. We were very encouraged and honored to be in his house and God used Maxwell to minister to us and we ministered  to him. After Maxwell’s we went back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving with our families. Now we are still here due to some circumstances that have come up. Our church has been under attack due to a certain tragedy with the former youth pastor who is one of our good friends. So we came back to comfort some of our friends who know him. We will be leaving  and continuing from Baltimore soon.

We thank everyone who has been hospitable to us, and are truly grateful for you guys supporting, blessing, and praying for us. God is definitely testing us and preparing our hearts for the next part and has been protecting us so much. Pray that God will keep us confident, bold to preach the gospel, and obedient to his voice.

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