The Trip So Far….(Part 1) by Jonathan Stoltzfus

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IMG_0960       We apologize for our lack of communication to you guys. Finally we are getting into the swing of things so we will be posting more often. Thank you for being patient and the encouraging comments! Alright, here is the nitty gritty of what has happened so far on the adventure of a life time! WHOOOOO!! Brace yourselves.

As you may or may not know, Trevor Heinrich and Phil Freeland started the trip on October 5th in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Along the way, these two young men met some cool people. Churches let them stay on their property and even invited them in to stay for a while. The Lord provided their needs through people generously giving them money, food, and plus the gracious hospitality. They eventually arrived in Lancaster Pennsylvania on October 30th. Phil stayed to work on some things at home and I, Jonathan Stoltzfus with much prayer, confirmation through God’s word, and peace that surpasses all understanding decided to come along the trip. So, with a little more preparation and getting some gear here and there, Trevor and I left the 7th of November.

We started from our hometown in Lancaster PA and headed south towards Virginia to avoid the wintery cold weather. Our first stop was  at our  assistant pastor’s house in Gap PA where we stayed for about two days due to some leakage of water from Trevor’s Camel Bak. Thankfully the Lord, through prayer, fixed the leak and the Camel Bak was fine. On Saturday we headed on towards  a presbyterian church in Quarryville. The church’s youth pastor, Tim,  allowed us to camp out in their backyard, fed us, and kept us warm, they were a huge blessing. We also had the privilege to attend their church and stay at their house yet another night. They fed us chili and cornbread, mmmm….delicious. Monday morning the family invited us for breakfast and we packed up our gear. Our next stop was the Susquehannock State Park.

We arrived late and the park office was closed, so we decided to set up our tents anyway. It was a bitter cold night, but thankfully we got some wood along the way and made a fire and had dinner. In the morning it was pretty hard to get out of our sleeping bags because it was so dang cold, but we managed. As we went to go find a place to charge our equipment we spotted a man that oversaw the park. He let us stay without payment. It took us a long time to pack everything because the weather was freezing (it was like 20 DEGREES!!), so we left the park late.  Our next stop was at a church near Delta called  the New Covenant Community Church. It was a pretty cold hike. The pastor of the church, Lenny, graciously let us sleep on the couches in the lobby and we were able to get a nice warm rest. In the morning we got to meet the pastor who made us some coffee and gave us other goodies to eat, he also gave us a tour of his church. As we left Lenny suggested us to a church called Calvary Chapel in Delta. So off we went….

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