Jonathan Stoltzfus

When and where he started

Jonathan started walking started walking once Trevor got to his hometown in Narvon, Pennsylvania and continued until the end in Huntington Beach, California.



Things he would do on the trip

Age – 23

Passions – Jonathan’s main passion are the people around him. He wants people to experience Jesus in their own personal way and be to comfortable with who they are around him. He loves his family and learning new things like playing some tunes on the Ukulele or traveling and seeing new places. He enjoys studying books of the bible deeply and finds an interest in the context, language, and themes of the book. He also enjoys growing out his curly locks.

Story – Jonathan is from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  His father was very much involved as the worship director of various church gatherings growing up. He started pursuing Jesus with his whole life when he was a Sophomore in high school and fell in love with the bible and what it says about God’s mercy and grace for humanity. He went to a community college for a year and then decided to join the trip in November 2013 from his hometown until now. He had no experience in backpacking before joining but is now going 3 years strong.

Favorite Band – Coldplay

Places to Travel – Jasper National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, India, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, Taiwan