The Latest Update (By Jonathan Stoltzfus)

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Sorry for yet another delay on updating our posts. We started walking again after our thanksgiving break Sunday, December 15. Our friend, Doni, drove us down to Baltimore city and we went to a café to get some breakfast. It was a great time and Doni was a great encourager to Trevor and I. After that we started our journey out of Baltimore. Along the way the chariot (our jogging stroller) broke. The two aluminum bars that held the front tire in place broke off. At first only one bar broke so we fixed it with duct tape but a little while down the road the other bar snapped off and the front tire also fell off. This happened about half a mile before we got to the motel. So Trevor tied some rope to the chariot and put it around his backpack while I held on to the back handle and he pulled the front. After a tiresome haul to the motel in Halethrope we got a room. It was a smoke room so it smelled a little smokey but it was great. The next day we went to Home Depot, which was right behind the motel thank God, to get some materials. So we managed to fix it somewhat. We ate lunch at a diner that was next to the motel and had some Maryland crab burgers. We then walked about 3 or 2 miles to another motel but we were advised not to stay at it. The people there  told us that there were motels about 2 miles away in Elkridge. We continued and ended up at a nice little motel with a nice little room. The next day we went to a church in Laurel called the Life House church. They let us stay in their church over night and we got to use their kitchen for dinner and they gave us water for our camel baks. They were very kind and generous. The next day we went into

Hyattsville and the church we asked to stay at did not work out so we asked God to lead us to a place to sleep and sure enough he did. We went to a Thai restaurant where we met a guy who told us about a nearby park that we could camp out at. So we spent the night camping. The next morning we only had to walk a little ways further to Washington D.C. We stayed at a couples house, Wayne and Janese, who were leaders of a YWAM base in D.C. The Lord protected us the whole way. When we arrived at the house they were very hospitable; they served us dinner, let us take showers, and drove us to a local laundry wash. They also greatly encouraged and supported us. They knew a place for us to stay at behind the Supreme Court. The guy we stayed with name was Dick and he let us sleep in his apartment basement. Along the way we got to lead a lady to Christ which was awesome. Dick was a very wise and Godly man, he was also an interceder and prayer warrior for our country’s government. The next day Dick took us out for breakfast and we after that we headed out. We did not know where we were going to go but thankfully The Lord provided a place to stay. We stayed at a hotel for free! God worked it all out. The next day was Trevor’s birthday and we got to walk around Washington and see the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. At the Lincoln Memorial Trevor played his guitar and we sang worship. Some people  prayed for us and encouraged us while we worshiped. After that we went on the metro to get picked up by my aunt Monica, for Christmas. Trevor got picked up by his family the next day to go to New Jersey for Christmas. We took a 4 day break and started again on December 27. We got dropped off at Washington where we left off last and traveled about 5 miles to Arlington and set up camp out in a regional park. The next day we stayed at one of our friends house in Centreville. She was great and such an awesome women of God and sooo in love with Jesus. She made us dinner and breakfast the next morning and took us to church. After church she brought us back and we packed up and headed out. Our next stop was actually at the YWAM leader’s, whom we previously stayed at in D.C., sister. She was very hospitable and cooked us dinner and breakfast. We were stuffed to the MAX! She also gave us some food to take along. Now we are currently at a hotel complete with a swimming pool and hot tub and breakfast! Thank you everyone who has opened their doors for us. May God bless you abundantly for giving a glass of water to his children in need.
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