September 30, 2014: Flat Terrian

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….We joined the rescue mission’s bible study in the morning and after the study had breakfast. We got to talk to a lot of the men attending the program, which they had to stay for eleven months. It was a great experience and was the second time we have been at a homeless shelter since Baltimore, Maryland. Back at the room, we packed our gear and headed out. The group prayed for us before we left. For our devotional time we walked to a Burger King not to far down the road. There we met a pastor whom we we got to pray for, Dedric and his associate pastor John and the Holy Spirit spoken through us while praying to said exactly what he needed to hear about his ministry! He gave us his number if we needed anything. An employee that was working came to talk about what we were doing. She is a Christian herself. We got to really minister to her, God gave us words of knowledge and encouragement. The presence of Jesus was all around her, and she couldn’t help but cry. She invited us to her bible study tomorrow if we could make it. We told her we would let her know. We began to walk through Arkansas which was our first time seeing rice fields and the flattest terrain we have walked on so far. You could see for miles! At the end of our walk today we ended up at a BP gas station where we called Pastor Deric and he brought us to an Econolodge where we spent the night. We thank Deric for blessing us so much! And also happy birthday Dave Wintermute! (Trevor’s “Pepa”-Grandfather)….

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