September 29, 2014: Crossing Mississippi

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….What did Tennessee? What Arkansas! Today we crossed the great Mississippi into Arkansas! Michael in the morning took us to Bluff City Coffee Shop downtown for breakfast. There we got to talk for a while until Michael left for work. By the way, Michael hiked the whole Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. So we had some good common ground for conversation, a lot of stories. Michael and his wife are just some awesome people and we hope to see them again, they made us feel right at home. After spending time reading the bible we started to walk to the old Mississippi River bridge since the main interstate bridge did not have a walkway path. It was a beautiful walk over the bridge and an exciting moment for the both of us. We are now in Arkansas! The next state of the journey! And a halfway point! We thank God he has gotten us this far, it is because of him we are alive still on this trip! A guy named Skip also was walking across the bridge so we decided to join him on the way to West Memphis. He lives in West Memphis and walks everyday six miles across the bridge into Tennessee and then six miles back to his home in West Memphis. He told us there was a rest stop off the interstate, so we went there for lunch and departed ways. We got tell him Jesus loves him before we left. We took a lunch break at the truck stop for a long time and then got back on the road. Towards the evening we started to ask churches if they could help us with a place to stay in West Memphis. Eventually we found a homeless shelter mission called, 8th Street Mission for Christ, a Christian ministry. They were very welcoming and excited to meet us. They set us up with a bunk bed to sleep on, dinner, and shower. We got to meet Keith, and a man who looks like Harrison Ford, who are the leaders that are part of the ministry program. He had been there for four months and told us his near death experience and testimony on how he ended up in the mission. Everyone there was sincerely seeking the Lord. It was a blessing to see. After talking and filling out papers to stay for the night we went to bed and took showers…

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  • Jenese says:

    SO AWESOME!! Of course you will have to write a book when this is over but the adventures of this trip are amazing. Praying for you! Blessings, Jenese and Wayne in DC!

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