September 28, 2014: Downtown Church

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….For church this Sunday morning we attended Downtowns Church in downtown Memphis. After eating the hotels continental breakfast, we found a ride to the church by one of the guys at the front desk of the Inn. His name was Frank and he gave us a ride for free. Took us a little while to find the church because we kept missing the building and turning around. We eventually found it though and the people there were very accepting and loving, they were very gospel oriented. After the service a man named Pete invited lunch at Memphis’s best BBQ, the Central BBQ restaurant. We went with him, his wife, and two kids. It was pretty awesome BBQ and we had a great time talking. Pete was really interested in us because before he found Jesus he had hitchhiked across the country and with a backpack himself. After eating with Pete and his family we went to the park along the Mississippi, where we hung out with some more people from Downtown Church. We got to o play volleyball with them for a little bit. Michael and his wife then gave us their number to let them know if we needed anything later. For the rest of the day we sat and enjoyed the Mississippi River at the park. We also got to record one of Trevor’s songs by the water. We got some nice shots. For dinner we went to a place called Spaghetti Warehouse where we ate spaghetti and salad. We had the opportunity to minister to one of the waiters and God really got a hold of his heart. We got to hang with him after work outside of the restaurant. We called Michael and he came to pick us up to spend the night at his house. We spent the rest of the night with Michael and his wife…

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