September 27, 2014: Downtown Memphis

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….We left the Pilgrim Hostel towards noon and went across to the Stone Soup Cafe for breakfast. While we were leaving we met two guys eating at an outside table of the cafe. They started talking to us first and we told them what we were doing. After talking we kept moving on and stopped by a place called Outdoors Outlet where we got a replacement buckle for Jonathan’s backpack. It was a miracle that we found a place to fix it because it has been broken for a while and they did it for free. We also got some materials for our gear, like shoelaces because Jonathan’s laces were also worn down. They also gave us T-Shirts. We continued walking and made it into downtown Memphis. There we hung out with guys from the Netherlands that we met at the hostel at a place called Gus’s Fried Chicken, and had a good talk about Christianity. They had questions about what we believe and we had the opportunity to share our relationship with Jesus. They really appreciated what we said because they never really met Christians who know what they believe and live it out. It gave them a different perspective on Jesus. Before they left we walked down the street to their car. God really did plant a seed by talking to them through us. Pray that they encounter Jesus in a real personal way. One of the nicest and most expensive hotels in the city, The Peabody Hotel, was down the street, so we thought we could give it a shot and ask for a super generous discount, they did but it wasn’t in the budget range. It was still a huge discount at least for a more wealthy person, they lowered from a thousand for a night to three hundred. We then went to the Holiday Inn across the street, the manager Julius told us that all the rooms were full but, he helped us find a cheaper price at the Econolodge down road two blocks. While walking there we met a guy nicknamed Lucky and we felt like he needed to know the gospel. He was more than willing to listen and accept the Holy Spirit and Jesus . We prayed for him and the Holy Spirit touched him so much that he was freaked out. He wanted to start reading the bible after he confessed Jesus to be his Lord and savior. After that amazing encounter we continued towards the hotel and shared the love of Jesus with people along the way. The front desk at the Econolodge gave us a great discount from the original rate and we got a room on the ninth floor. It was the biggest innwe have been to so far and for a much, much more cheaper price. We also prayed with the guy at the front desk, he was going through a tough time and needed it. Sharing the love of Jesus with people is the best thing ever! There is so much joy and satisfaction in doing it!

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