September 26, 2014: Eye Problems

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…Jonathan woke up this morning with an intense eye infection and because of it we decided to take another day at the hostel to heal. The hostel had pancake batter that you make your own pancakes for breakfast with. One of our roommates Paul, joined us and Jonathan (another Jonathan), who was part of the staff. We ate and chatted for most of the morning. For a good chunk of the day Jonathan rested for his eye recovery while Trevor did the laundry. After a good rest we went and walked around part of the city. We met a guy named Al who had just gotten a brain tumor removed, so we prayed for complete healing to take place in his life. We went further down into the hood and ate at a wing stand called Crumpy’s. Back at the hostel we talked to a guy named Alex, whom we met last night, he just came back from working. He works at a non-profit organization for people in need. We later went to visit Paul at his work down the street at a restaurant called “Cafe Ole.” He as served us well. Then we went back to the hostel and worked on the website. Two of our roommates who were from the Netherlands, almost their car stolen by some sketchy people off the street, so we informed the cops and they took care of the situation. After that we went to bed….

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