September 25, 2014: In Memphis

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…Today we left the Inn around one and walked into part of Memphis. We ministered to a lot of people along the way. We went to a McDonald’s for lunch started to talk about to some folks about what we were doing and had some opposition from a guy, but we just shared the love of Jesus with him. We got the opportunity to walk with two hitchhikers for a mile or two down the road who were from North Carolina trying to get to California to settle down. We met a guy named Mark who was homeless and has been living in Memphis his whole life. He wore an eyepatch and was asking for some money. He let us pray for him and we ministered to him. He was a fellow Christian. A little further and we were walking in the hood and it was getting pretty dark out, so we made our way to a Christian medical center called, Christ Community. Memphis city can get pretty bad during the night, so we felt like it would be a good idea to find some kind of place. A security guard at the community center helped drive us to a hostel called The Pilgrim Hostel in Memphis. There we met some pretty cool people from all around the country and out of the country. It was definitely an awesome day, being able to minister to so many people and God providing a place to stay when it seemed like there was nowhere….

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