September 20-21, 2014: Couch Surfing Bro Man!

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…Gary, Trevor’s dad, drove us to the Harrisburg airport for our morning flight back to Memphis, TN. We got to say farewell to our families early that morning before leaving. We took a flight to Philadelphia from Harrisburg and then from Philadelphia to Memphis, TN. Gary had got in contact with a guy named Tim and his wife Sherry by couch surfing. Sherry and her friend came to pick us up from the airport and paid for a night stay at a Day’s Inn. There we worked on the blog and watched a documentary movie called Holy Ghost, a movie that was completely led by God to prove that the Holy Spirit is alive and moving today. You can rent the movie for two days by going on the website, It is a very amazing and encouraging movie to watch, a must see! Afterwards we went to bed…

…Sherry in the morning picked us up and took us to the airport to pick up her husband Tim, who was on a business meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. They both treated us to lunch and took us back to their house for church. They were part of a small house church of about fifteen people and they were excited to have us join. Tim showed us the room we were staying in for the night and took us to his back yard farm. He had a chicken coop, a garden, 7 rabbits (some of them they raise to cook and eat, they didn’t make us eat any for dinner), a dog named Lila, and two outside kittens. He was learning how to self sustain his household and was showing us all his gadgets for doing so. People started arriving for the house church service and they had Trevor lead worship with his guitar. There was strength in this small gathering people and the presence of God’s holy spirit was undoubtedly present. The church was very real and organic, no one was afraid to be themselves or be a ashamed or try to hide anything from each other. It was like family and we felt very loved by everyone. After everyone left Sherry made taco salad for dinner and we spent a great time talking for the rest of the night before bedtime…

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  • Tim C says:

    We were “tickled pink” to have you guys visit with us last weekend. A memorable and very encouraging occasion. I was truly blessed by your simple faith. Likewise our church family was also encouraged to have you join us as we worshiped our Lord and Savior on Sunday. You are planting seeds where no one has sown and watering a midst parched land – may God be glorified by the increase that the Spirit brings in His Kingdom.

    May our Lord keep you strong as walk and may you be encouraged by the church all over! Amen.

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