September 1-20, 2014: A Time Rest and Refresh

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….This large chunk of time was dedicated to resting. We felt it was time to rest and be refreshed in God’s word before going any further on the trip. We were just very exhausted, everyone needs to rest from working long periods of time. For our case it was resting from the constant walking, thinking about the next place we might end up for the night because every night we were someplace different. It was honestly very wearisome. So, we decided to head home for about two weeks and a couple of days to be rested and refreshed. We took a taxi to the airport and headed back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Turns out it was a good idea because Jonathan’s prosthetic foot and leg were very worn down and both our backpacks were a little beaten up. It was better and easier to get it done at home than on the road. Back at home we got to see long lost family and friends. It was a wonderful time and much needed. Our pastor of our home church, Gap Community Church, had us speak Sunday for part of the morning service before we left. If you are ever in Gap, Pennsylvania be sure to visit our church! After we got everything fixed, gear replaced and everything ready to go with our minds rested and refreshed, we went back to sweet sweet Tennessee for the next walking season across the USA! Ready to see what God has in store!

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