October 9, 2014: Glorious God

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…..We left the hotel in the afternoon and made our way towards the next town: Palestine, AR. (Not the nation beside Israel). Along the road we met a few people. One of the people we met was also traveling across country to raise awareness for breast cancer. His name was Ryan and he wanted to hang out at some point during our walk, so we exchanged numbers. Further along the road, a man on a wheel chair who was missing a leg on the other side of the road offered us a drink of water, instead we ended up praying for his leg. His name was Jonathan. During the prayer his leg was actually starting to grow! We prayed for a while and it didn’t grow back all the way, but we were believing that it would grow at any moment it or even tomorrow. Either way it was going to happen. We had to keep going because it was getting dark out. We then ran into another guy who was actually bound by a confused spirit. So we ministered to him and cast the spirit out by the name of Jesus Christ and you could tell that he was being set free, he was scared though and walked away. Towards night time we found a church, but the pastor was not there so we weren’t able to ask permission to camp out on the property. We kept on walking until we found a grassy plain next to the high way where we could lay our heads for the night. It was a busy day, but it was amazing to see God’s healing power at work through his son Jesus. He is so glorious!

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