October 7, 2014: Ministering in Forrest City

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…There was a lot of ministering opportunities today. In the morning we we headed over to the Mobil gas station to read the bible and have breakfast. We ministered to a lot of people there. A lady was healed of diabetes! We also prayed for a lot of people and gave them words of encouragement. Olga, one of the ladies at the front register wanted us to meet her granddaughter Haley. We got to pray for her and answer questions she had about Christianity. She was on fire for Jesus! And she was only twelve years old! After saying bye and leaving we went to the post office to mail a letter and prayed for some people at the post office. God touched a lot of people through a word of prayer. Then, we went to a Verizon store in Forrest City to see if they could help us out with Trevor’s stolen phone. Unfortunately, the insurance could not cover it and we did not have enough money to get a new phone. Although we used the opportunity to minister to the employee who was helping us with the phone issue. He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and God gave us words of knowledge about his life. God really spoke to him. Afterwards we went to the Walmart right next to the Verizon store and Jerry and Audrey met us there to give us our walking sticks that we accidentally left in Jerry’s truck. They also treated us to dinner at KFC. When got back to Walmart they let us sleep on the benches at the front of the store, where the grocery carts are. So we made ourselves as comfortable as possible and tried to go to sleep. We are thankful and truly humbled to be used by God to minister to his children. Glory to God!

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  • rachelkrothe says:

    Hey guys! It’s amazing to see what God is doing through you!! I miss y’all! Are you guys planning on coming to IHOP? (Not the pancake one =P)

    • Hey Rachel!!! Whaddup!! Actually we changed our route to down towards Texas because we would be up north during winters. When we get to California and drive back we would like to visit possibly. Miss you as well! How is IHOP is it hopping??

      • rachelkrothe says:

        Soo, I couldn’t find where I had written this post and didn’t see till just now- now that my notifications told me you responded, haha!
        Ok, awesome. Good to know. Yes, it is definitely hopping. Both figuratively and literally, hahaha
        For real though, it’s been hard but good. I’m goin home in two days though! Can’t wait- I’m super excited!! =D So, I guess I won’t see you if you visit, haha. That’s okay. There’ll be plenty of time to catch up when get back. Can’t wait to see you guys! God bless!! =)

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