October 6, 2014: Thunderstorm, Gas Station, Ministering, Motel

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…At four in the morning there was a crazy thunderstorm that we were camping in. It was super strong and super scary but the peace of the Lord gave us strength and we knew that we would be alright. Sure enough, we were! God is in control and created the storm so why should we be afraid? The storm only lasted an hour and we fell back asleep. Jerry throughout the day checked on us since he only lived down the road. For breakfast he brought us sausage biscuits. For lunch a man pulled over and gave us bologna sandwiches and Jerry let us sit in his truck while we ate. We got to pray for Jerry’s friend during our lunch break who has been dealing with a blood clot/flow. We asked for Jesus to do a miracle and also to heal Jerry’s diabetes as well. Eventually towards the evening we made it into Forrest City TN, where we stopped at a gas station owned by a man named Ali. At the gas station some people came inside to actually smoke weed. So we decided to talk to them about Jesus. They told us their belief that there is a higher power and they believe in meditation. We just told them that there is only one God and our personal experiences with the Lord that they could not prove wrong. It definitely spoke to them. From there we went to the next gas station down the road and met some very sweet ladies that made us some tasty burgers. We were planning to camp out, but realized that there was a very cheap but surprisingly nice motel across the road from the station. There we got a room and spent the night…

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