October 5, 2014: A Jerry Nice Day

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….Most of the day we spent with Jerry and Audrey. Jerry invited us in his house to take showers and “prep up” before church. Jerry has been living in that area for 74 years as a farmer, he is quite the hard worker for his age! We then went to the church bible study before the service and met some of Jerry’s church folk friends. It was more of an older church and the pastor spoke a powerful message of seeking the presence of God. After church for lunch, Jerry and Audrey took us to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Forrest City not too far down the road. We then made errands to Walmart and the Verizon store to see if Trevor’s insurance covered for a new phone. It was a little bit more on the expensive side to get the phone replaced so, we did not get a new one for now. After all that running around, back at Jerry and Audrey’s house we packed up and started to head out. Audrey and Jerry gave us some food to carry and some hugs before we left. We found another field to veer off onto to set up tent before sunset in the evening, hoping that we were not trespassing. Before going to bed we called home and talked to our long lost families in the far far away land of Pennsylvania. It was great spending time with such a caring godly family!

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