October 4, 2014: It’s Just a Material

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… Today was a bit crazy. As we were packing our tents in the early morning, the land owners, Jerry and his wife Audrey, who gave us permission to camp on the land told us that their house was right down the road and they had a pear tree we could pick from. Since we ran out of food for a breakfast meal, we were pretty excited to munch on some fresh natural pears. We walked to their house right down the road and put our backpacks down and started looking for that pear tree. It took us a while but we found it and stocked up on some pears. Trevor went back to where the backpacks were and to grab his phone to take some pictures when he realized his phone was missing. Their is a long detailed story to this, but to sum it up simply, Trevor’s phone got stolen! So, the police came and took care of the report. We didn’t get the phone back, but it doesn’t matter because it is just a material thing and we don’t take with us when we die right? It was pretty crazy though. Jerry and Audrey were very kind to us and let us stay for the night because of what happened. They are very Godly admirable Christians by the way. They let us sleep in Jerry’s bother’s house who has recently died. So we helped them out by cleaning, like mopping and dusting, some of Jerry’s brother’s house, to bless them in their time of need and support. Then, we just hung around until it was time to sleep. God has a plan and reminded us that you can only find satisfaction in him and not the material things of this world because you don’t really need them, you can rely on God and find peace in him and him alone…

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