October 31- November 2, 2014: Little Rock

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…The next couple of days we were in the city of Little Rock. We were blessed to get a generous discount at the Marriott Hotel downtown. It was pretty cheap to stay there and even there another night because of the discount and we felt the Lord had us there for a reason. So we stayed for Halloween and got to explore and minister in the City. The next day when we were going to check out of the hotel, the front desk told us that our stay was extended for yet another day, so we definitely knew God was keeping us there for a reason. Exploring later that day we met Lacy, a young homeless girl about our age sitting on a bench charging her phone and Juan, who was a more older adult man. Lacy accepted Jesus as her lord and savior and was healed from a skin disorder and sprained ankle! Juan rededicated his life to Jesus and had a hip displacement that was completely healed as well! We also had the opportunity to bless them and take Lacy to Gus’s Fried Chicken for dinner. Juan joined us and got to watch the Razor Back football game inside the restaurant. They both invited us to homeless church the next day and afterwards to a free museum. So the following day we met up with Lacy and Juan and went to church which was under a bridge coming into the city. They also served lunch after the service to the homeless. Us and Juan went to the Arkansas Museum which had a lot of history and information about animal species in the state. There was also one dollar tickets to get into the science museum next door, which was a great time to take hold of the opportunity since it only happens once a month. All kinds of neat gizmos were there including a tornado simulation that let you experience what it was like being in a tornado. Juan helped us out with a place to stay at the Salvation Army that night and a free dinner. At the Salvation Army, we took a lot of opportunities to minister. A lot of people were touched by the wisdom only Jesus gives!

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  • Craig Larson says:

    Yes…what an amazing update. God and both of you will never be the same. Blessings to both of you and a beautiful thanksgiving…….carol

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