October 29 - November 4, 2015

….Paul dropped us back on the road early in the morning, just in time for a beautiful sunrise.  For 17 miles we walked to the town of Jacksboro, Texas. Some awesome owners of a gas station in town heard we were coming and treated us to some really awesome brisket and drinks. Just what we needed after a long hot day of walking. We stayed at a motel down the road for about three nights for a nice rest. There we got to talk about our personal lives and apologize for any mistakes we made so far on the trip. It really brought us more closer together as friends. It’s good to be willing to change and admit each other’s mistakes in any relationship. More importantly it brings us closer to Jesus and our need for him in our lives…

We left Jacksboro and stopped at the next town over called Onely, which was about 40 miles away. We stopped a small town in between called Loving where a RV park let us camp out on their property. The lady who owned the park brought food and firewood so we could roast some hot dogs. For breakfast we went to a small cafe in town. There was a lot of places we camped out on the side of the road before making it to the town of Onely. Eventually we made it and spent a few days in town. It’s been amazing because we were able to cover about 40 miles in about 3 days! All of course with the strength God gave us and a lot of prayer from guys! He is sooooo Goood!

We’ll try to get you guys posted whenever we can, we have been coming across places that don’t have wifi. We apologize for the wait in updates!

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