October 27-28, 2015

…Anne in the morning brought us back to where we left off in Springtown. We were dropped off at the McDonald’s where we got to pray for each other. The people at McDonald’s were awesome and bought us breakfast before we left. We walked about 9 miles to a Texaco gas station where they let us camp out for the night. They were very kind to us and one of the people inside bought us fountain drinks to sip on.

…The next day we set out on a 9 mile walk to the middle of nowhere. Throughout the day we met so many people who blessed us. One of them was Paul who gave us number if we needed anything. We were planning to go a little further today to the campsite we were hoping to sleep at, but God always has different plans. We called Paul and he took us back to his house for the night. He has a huge family of 8 kids, his wife and her grandmother. 4 of his kids are adopted and have special needs. They have such a heart for God’s love for the fatherless! It was such a beautiful thing to see. His wife Ashley cooked us dinner and we got to spend an awesome time with our brothers and sisters. Ashley’s grandmother also gave us her apartment to sleep in that was right next door to Paul and Ashley’s house for the night.

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