October 25, 2014: A Rice Family

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…In the morning we went to the Sawmill restaurant for some breakfast and got to say goodbye to the waitresses who have served us like three times in a row, they were really sweet though. We left today and started to head to North Little Rock. On our way through the town today we met Chandler, a high school senior who was helping out one of the local candidates in the upcoming state elections. He was an awesome Christian guy who was planning after high school to go on some backing packing trips, so he had a lot of questions about our journey. During our time talking a lady saw our backpacks and pulled over to talk to us and Chandler. Her name was Kat and she invited us to spend the night at her house (she is known in the town for picking up folks like us, so this really wasn’t a big deal for her). Chandler offered to drive us to her house. Kat and her husband James are both rice farmers and they have been doing it for years. Kat and James have three kids Skylar, Trinity, and Kennerd. They were all awesome! Kat made us dinner with their harvested rice as a side. It was good! For the rest of the night we got to spend time with the family, it was quite the fun time! God had really blessed us by meeting this family. They let us stay on one of their beds in the upstairs room…

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