October 24-26, 2015

….Alex and Trena fed us a big old breakfast before we left. Such a blessing! Alex toke us to a Gander Mountain for ┬ásome supplies before dropping us back off at Chik-fil-A. Trevor needed some new shoes and Kurt needed a waterproof bag for his camera. From getting dropped off at Chik-fil-A we walked until we came to a Dixie Mart gas station where the owner more than willingly let us camp out on the property. The following day we walked to Azle, Texas. While we were walking we saw a sign on a Methodist church for a fall festival at 5 pm. Turns out we made it just in time, and they welcomed us in with excitement. Everyone was so encouraging to us and the church staff gathered together and got us a room for the night at an inn in town and offered us all the help we could get!

…Continuing into the next day we started our walk into the next town about 9 miles down the road. While we were walking out of town we saw some people we met two days earlier. One of them was so intrigued by the joy and happiness we had, so we told him about Jesus, and he surrendered his life to him! Praise God! God saves and rescues those who are lost! No matter who it is God is always calling all to him! From there we walked to Springtown. We were planning on asking to camp out at McDonald’s when we felt God leading us to go to a Chicken Express restaurant instead. There we met a guy named Travis who blessed us with a powerful prayer and then left. He then came back a little bit later with his mother Anne. She was so sweet to offer to pay for a motel back in Azle and it was the same one we stayed at the previous night! She also offered to drive us there and back in the morning. So her and Travis drove us back to Azle and made sure we had all the gear we needed for going out west. God is the all sufficient provider!

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