October 22-23, 2015

….Today was a rainy day. We woke up and made sure we were ready for some inclement weather we were hearing on the news, a lot of rain. The beginning part of our walk was actually pretty dry except for a light drizzle of rain. On our way out of the city we met a homeless┬áman named James who was inspired by our journey and prayed for us. Throughout the day rain turned into a heavy downpour, and it started flash flooding. In some places it looked like rivers rapidly running down the sides of the road. We got soaked! Eventually we got to a Waffle House about 7 miles away and got to dry off inside. We had the privilege to be served by a waitress named Nata and it was her first day. She joined us for blessing the food. Turned out there was an Inn right across the street from us where we could stay out of the rain for the night, and there we spent the rest of the evening…

…the next day the electricity went out and as we were heading out of the inn we struck some conversation with the front desk ladies who were excited about the journey. We all got to pray for one another and the Holy Spirit moved touched each of our hearts. Further down the street we went to a Walmart to get some extra water bladders so we could have a good supply when heading out west. It was getting late once we got all our supplies situated and ready to go and it also started to rain heavily. We walked a little ways to a Chik-fil-A down the road to keep dry and possibly camp on their property when the rain slowed down. As soon as we got inside we met Trina who was on her way out and offered us a place to stay and keep dry. So she left and later her husband came to pick us up. They gave us a warm room to stay in for the night, a fan to dry our clothes, and they were also fellow Christians. They were a huge blessing to us! God has been continuing to provide for our needs when we don’t even expect it!

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