October 20, 2014: Allen

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…Today, we got rid of some weight at the post office in DeValls Bluff. It took us a while to get our stuff sorted and through the mail, and because we were talking to the mail lady. We left the post office and started to head to the next town, Hazen. While on our way, a godly man who was on his motorbike, pulled over to see who we were and what we were doing. After finding he invited us without any hesitation to his house for supper and a place to stay for the night. He rode his bike back to his house so that he could get his truck to fit us in with our backpacks. When we arrived he let us sleep for the night in a separate cabin he has on the property. We made our way over to his house for dinner which his wife Brenda cooked for us. It was a delicious meal. We haven’t had a home cooked meal in quite a while. Later that night we built a fire by the river and sang some campfire songs to each other, Trevor played some songs and Allen played us some of his songs, which should be on a record! Allen is very involved with abortion and homeless ministries, he has giant heart of compassion and it is something we all should try to have for those who are in need….

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  • Kat Gosney says:

    This must have been Allen Childers. We have some mutual family members. I love reading all of the people that you guys met along the way, many I know. God is send so many to assist you to reach more for the kingdom.

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