October 2, 2014: Stormy

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…. Woke up pretty early this morning and took showers. Tonio came to pick us up at nine in the morning and take us back to the BP gas station down the road a couple of miles. At the gas station when Tonio left a man from Iraq, Jamal, was interested in our story so he came over to talk. In the US he lives in Missouri, he came to Arkansas to visit his cousin in Memphis and his friend owned the BP gas station. We got into talking about Christianity and Islam beliefs, by the end of it, we just tried to show him the love of Jesus. He was very kind and bought us Gatorade to drink. During the walk today it rained here and there and cleared up. All of the sudden a huge storm came from the left of us. The wind picked up a massive wave of dirt ahead of us. We decided to go into a gas station/grocery store/grill restaurant for shelter from the storm. They would let us camp out, but the winds were going to get up to 70 miles per hour over night so we would be demolished. We managed to get a ride with Alyssa, one of the employees working, about 5 miles down the road to a Relax Inn. It was a good shelter for the night and the Inn gave us a discount for a night’s stay. The Lord provided shelter from the storm like always!

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