October 19-21, 2015

….For the next couple of days we felt that we should pray for the upcoming walk ahead since after Fort Worth, Texas there won’t be as much out west except for some small towns here and there. In span of those days we got to hang with some pretty cool brothers in Christ. One of them was Phil, whom we met back before we went home six months ago at the Watermark Church in Dallas, Texas. He drove an hour to come see us, what an awesome guy! We hung out in Fort Worth and had an edifying bible study time. He had so much wisdom and knowledge to share with us and encouragement to apply on the trip. During our time in the city we got to minister to a homeless guy named Shaggy who was looking for a way to escape his life by getting out of the city. We got to share with him how the gospel changes our hearts to live for Jesus and not ourselves, and we got to pray for him. A little bit later Matthew came, whom we met at the Boun Gourno Coffee Shop the day before. Matthew was such a cool guy to hang out with, he is a man who has so much love and compassion for others and is super relational. Both guys are doing big things for Jesus! All of us got to attend one of the nights at the Watermark Church young adults gathering in Fort Worth called, The Porch, which was super good. Throughout all of the days in prayer and fellowship we got to seek the face of God for A Church of Us and the journey that was ahead for us. God really cleared up a lot of things through us reading the word and praying together and just hanging out with really cool guys. The main thing we got out of these past couple off days was not to worry about what’s ahead but trust God each and everyday whether we are soaking wet in the rain, sleeping in Wal-mart, in a comfy bed, or resting inside, in everything we come across we need to trust him and seize the day. God is our portion, our strength and shield, in him we have all that pertains to Godliness as long as we take refuge in him and let go of the things that we find our false identities in. Jesus Christ is our new identity and through him comes streams of living water! Jesus is the only one who satisfies! It was a powerful and uplifting time!

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