October 19, 2014: Rattle

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…Paul cooked us breakfast and let us take showers before church. We packed up and they brought us early to church for bible study where they talked about the story of Joseph and how he overcame his circumstances and how we can learn from his example. For the main service, they had a guest pastor who preached about praying earnestly for America and the leaders in authority. Some of the church members blessed us with money as well. Paul and Mitzi then took us out for lunch and we visited their old property that was destroyed by a flood about three years ago. Paul also showed us his two pet rattle snakes, it was pretty crazy. They looked like they were about to strike us, kind of scary. Paul actually got bitten by one but he vacuumed up the venom from his skin. They used to live by a river called White River but it flooded almost the whole town and demolished their home. They then took us back to their present trailer house and we packed up and left after we talked a little more. We walked about four miles over the bridge of the White River and into the town of DeValls Bluff where there was a gas station. We ate dinner, read the bible, and did little bit of ministering to the customers. We also made some friends with the employees. They let us camp out in the back….

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  • Paul Osborne says:

    Trevor and Jonathan Was great meeting you guys and visiting with you. Mitzi and I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry and continue to protect you.We pray that you will continue with your bold witness. By the way, the rattlers aren’t pets ha. We love you guys Paul,

  • Carol says:

    We always look forward to hearing from you and following you on your journey. So awesome! You will have to write a book about God’s blessings! We found you at Strawberry at the Hampton Inn (I’m the older lady – my grandson was graduating from college and from Michigan)! May you continue safely and remain healthy. How far do you tend to go? Winter is here in Michigan!!! Sending you our prayers! Carol and Craig

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