October 18, 2014: Paul and Mitzi

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…In the morning we packed up our tents and went on our way to the town called DeValls Bluff. When we arose the outside cover of our tents was covered with insects, so we shook them off while we were packing the tents. Thank God for mosquito nets! We walked into town pretty early since we left earlier than usual. There was a small grocery deli coming into the town that we went into to get a gallon of water. Now this town was not DeValls Bluff, this town was Fredonia, a town that is only a mile or two before DeValls Bluff. At the deli we also asked if there was any churches nearby that we could set up our tents. A lady at the deli told us that she could call her pastor from the First Baptist Church in town for permission. She was the church cleaning lady. The pastor told us that we could ask one of the deacons, Paul and his wife Mitzi for a place to camp out, they only lived two houses away in a trailer home. So we went to ask Mitzi who answered the door and she let us camp out on their property. Her husband Paul was deer hunting, he came back in the evening and invited inside for dinner. Paul used to be a chemistry teacher and so did Mitzi. He stopped because he had a disease called Lupus, which he let us pray for later. After talking for a while we all headed of to bed for the night to get a good sleep for church tomorrow morning.

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