October 17-18

….Woke up this morning beside Sonic’s and started the day reading the good ol’ bible on a table outside the restaurant. The employees there were really nice and gave us free refills of water. They made sure we were ready to hit the road well supplied. Every morning we read the bible and talk about what Jesus showed us each as a way to start the day and shift our minds towards what he wants for the day. It also brings us closer together because we are sharing what God has been teaching us on a personal level. It keeps our minds off ourselves and focused  on  the group as a whole. Today we walked into Fort Worth, Texas for about 10 miles and stopped at an inn that gave us a discounted rate for a room for the night. We also got to walk around the city for a little bit before heading to bed.

….The following day was Sunday so we tried finding a church to attend. Turns out that all the churches that people referenced us to were too far away so we walked to one in the city. We went to a Catholic Church. It was a different experience because Trevor and Jonathan had never attended a catholic mass service, but Kurt was familiar with it because he was raised catholic. The church was very beautiful and huge and the service was good. The priest talked about having a servants heart to serve one another so we can honor God. We had a cool opportunity to meet some awesome people and pray for the priest. From the church we walked down the road to a coffee shop called Boun Gourno, and ministered to a guy named Jesse. He was a christian and was going through a tough time with his family. We had the opportunity to encourage, challenge, and pray for him. It was a touching moment. After Jesse left we met some more believers who saw us ministering and encouraged us and also blessed us with prayer. We took it easy at the coffee shop for a while and then went to a Walgreen’s across the street to get some trip supplies. There we met a homeless man named Chris who was also a Christian and was discouraged and dealing with depression. After speaking and praying for him, his face changed from a mundane sadness to him smiling! Jesus was setting him free from the bondage of depression! It was getting dark, so after we said goodbye we went to another inn that was also gracious in giving us a generous discount for a room! God is so great even if we weren’t getting any discounts and instead camping outside! We had a little down time before going to bed to plan some days out ahead and put up some blog posts for the night….

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