October 17, 2014: Content

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….It was the usual this morning. We got up and packed our packs, took showers because we had the chance to, and we don’t know when we will get another one, we always take the opportunity to take one when there is a shower, and went to get breakfast. For breakfast and devotions we went to a McDonald’s right beside the motel. During the walk today we met abut named Jon whom we prayed for his neck to be healed and another guy who we talked to about the Holy Spirit. Further down the road the Sheriff pulled over to do a back ground check on us. We got to pray for him and his family. Towards the evening we found a spot that has deep grass which actually provides a good cushion for camping out. There was a ton of mosquitoes eating us alive though, but praise God we are not in some foreign country where mosquitoes have malaria, and people die all the time. We set up our tents pretty quick tonight, but we were content. Something that God is showing us is being content in all situations, whether we have a lot or little, sore or not Christ is our strength and only strength and we are content with that…

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