October 16, 2014: Another Day of Rest

By October 22, 2014 Uncategorized

…We decided and prayed to take another rest day today because for some reason lately we have been drained, sore, and very tired. Fortunately God provided another day stay at the motel. A random lady came and told us that she would pay for a stay at the Inn when we were walking into McDonald’s! At McDonald’s we spent a lot of time reading the bible and spending time with God. To our surprise we saw Courtney again at McDonald’s! So we got to hang out with her again and then head over to the inn. Since a lady we met yesterday on the road wanted to wash our laundry we called us and she was more than happy to since she lived right in town. Her name was Melinda. She took our clothes back home and washed them and returned them. We thank her for being willing to wash such stinky and dirty clothes…

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