October 15, 2014: Faster than Traffic

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…It was a pretty interesting sleep we had last night on the dining booths at the truck stop. We woke up and ate breakfast right at the booth we slept at. We found a church in the next town, Brinkley and called them. They told us to come to their evening bible study when the pastor comes back from a hospital visit in Little Rock. Walking today was different. The interstate was closed down because of a major accident, so all the traffic was coming onto highway 70, the road we were walking on. It was pretty slow moving traffic. We were passing trucks and cars, it was actually pretty fun. A lot of them asked us where we were going and gave us food and water. We got to talk and pray for a lady named Melinda and her husband who lived right beside the highway. They both had health problems. Melinda also offered to wash our laundry, but we had to keep going because it was getting dark. We arrived at the church, which was a First Baptist, right on time for the prayer meeting and bible study. They were very kind to us and welcomed us in. After the bible study the pastor told us that he would put us up in a motel for the night and also treat us to dinner. His name was Joe and he was such a great example of Christ in his character and willingness to serve. We thank the Lord for our paths crossing….

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