October 14, 2015

….Our first day back on the road since March with a new member of A Church of Us, Kurt! The day before, we were blessed and supported by so many of our friends who sent us off with many prayers. In the morning we said somber goodbyes to our families, who were also very supportive of our travels for the Lord even though it was tough to see us go again. The moms took us out for breakfast and then to the airport for our departure. When we arrived at the airport God was already moving and touching people’s lives by just hearing us talk about the journey God was taking us on. We left around 12 pm from Philadelphia and arrived in Texas around 2:30 pm. There was some complications with our jogging strollers getting to the baggage claim at the airport, but during our wait we got to pray for two ladies working at the airport office which really blessed them. While waiting for the rest of our gear we got to talking to a guy named Trae who had come from studying in New Zealand. Eventually they brought the strollers to us. Rick the pastor of a Calvary Chapel church, picked us up from the airport. We met Rick before we left to go back home, he invited us to speak at his church the day before we flew home 6 months ago. He let us stay at the church for the night and also invited us to join him and some others for a praise and worship night. It was nice being able to be prayed for and blessed by a great church family. We felt a lot better afterwards. One of the couples there also treated us dinner for the night, which was a huge blessing. It has been such an encouragement for our first day back on the road and a good reminder that God is always there, present, and faithful to his beloved. He gave us great assurance that we are in the will of God through the people he sent our way to bless us spiritually and physically….

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