October 12, 2014: Old Fashioned Baptist

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…For church today we went to one called Old Fashioned Baptist. The gospel band “Joyful Spirit” invited us at the fair yesterday because they were going to play for worship and preach the message. The message was about peace and how we can have the peace that Jesus had throughout his life till his death. Afterwards Terry the father of the band, invited us to lunch at a Mexican pizza place where we had a great time talking about the Lord and fellowshipped. The baptist church actually let us stay in the house beside the church property that is used for missionaries and guest pastors out of town. Joyful Spirit was actually staying there but were leaving to go back to their home in Southern Arkansas. So by four pm they left the house and gave us food to eat for dinner. From then until evening we just hung around and read the bible until we went to sleep…

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