October 11, 2014: A Fair Day

By October 19, 2014 Uncategorized

….Today we decided to stay for the annual Palestine town fair since everyone was telling us we should stay. In the morning we packed up our tent while they were starting to set up. There was a gospel band setting up not to far away from where we were camping called Joyful Spirit, they came up and talked to us. We got to hear them play, they were really good and they were a family band. One of the band members, the youngest son could really shred on the banjo. We walked around and met a elderly man who had a honey stand and makes his own honey with his grandson; another guy we met was from a state park and he had a shell stand where he explained us the history of local Arkansas shells, and how they made buttons out of them. There was also an awesome bike show where biker guys would do flips and tricks off ramps. Also someone randomly bought us lunch and we hung out with a really sweet girl named Courtney and a guy named Andre. Later that evening a rock band played some classic tunes and a lot of people danced. We met a guy named Bird Man who was an awesome man of God. He came and started talking to us because he never saw us before since everyone knew each other in a small town like Palestine, and we were the odd balls in the whole scene. He took us back to the gas station to camp out for the night… (Bird man is just a nickname by the way).

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