October 10, 2014: Fish Fry

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…We went on our way to the town of Palestine today, not the country, it’s a town in Arkansas. The place where set up our tents had super tall grass and it was hopping grounds for all sorts of bugs. After we shook off the bugs and packed up our tents we continued towards Palestine. Today for some reason we were not doing so well physically, our backs were hurting more, and feet were aching. Thankfully there was a gas station in town where we could sit and while we were sitting in the booth facing the window, to our surprise appeared Ryan with his walking cart. We waved him down and he came in to join for lunch. We got to get to know Ryan a little more, first of all he has a very nice thick beard growing out of his face, he is from Massachusetts, and is a commercial fishermen, but not at the moment since he is walking across America. He then invited us to come with him and an elderly couple to the town annual fish fry at the fire station, so we went along. The elderly couple paid for a ticket so that we could eat. It was a great night having the opportunity to hang out with some amazing people. The fire station also let us camp out under the tents they had set up for the fair they were having tomorrow, and since it was going to storm. We set our tents under their giant tent. We had double the tent power, thank you Lord!

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