October 1, 2014: Happy October!

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….First day of October! Happy October! Today we took a restful break from walking. We simply just read the bible and spent time with God. Trevor played his guitar and I wrote on the blog. Later that evening though, we went to church for a bible study that the young lady at Burger King told us about. Two of the church members, Tonio and Cordell picked us up and took us to the church. The church was very spirit led, so what ever the church felt what God was telling them to say or do they would do it. This made room for God to show up. It was very powerful and encouraging. It was a very artistic church as well, they would have people come and act out certain parts of the teaching, and there was also dancing. Pastor Jonathan had us come up at the end of the service to speak to the congregation and the Lord really spoke to encourage the church. They got to bless us with dinner and Tonio brought us to a motel for the night….

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