November 9, 2014: Passionate Youthfulness

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…This Sunday was packed full of action. We were camping out in front of a church called Center Point Church. People were pulling in the parking lot while we packed our tents in morning. The first few people that pulled in just went right into the church so we were uneasy about if we were in trouble trespassing. Eventually this van packed full of kids came on up and a women started talking to us and invited us inside for breakfast. Another man named Kevin came up and introduced himself to us and also invited us inside. Inside people left and right came, talked to us and fed us. One guy’s name was Paul and he has been back and forth to Mexico teaching English. He exchanged numbers with us incase we ever needed anything. We stayed for both services and got to meet a lot of people. The worship was great and so was the teaching. The presence of God was definitely present. The message was about letting our disappointments in life bring us closer to God and share with others when we overcome our struggles and disappointments so we can minister to them. Afterwards Josh, a guitarist on the worship team invited us to lunch with his wife, Trinity. Kevin and his wife Jessica also joined us and we rode with them to a Mexican restaurant in town. It was an awesome fun time! During our time at lunch Kevin and Jessica invited us to spend the night at their house. So afterwards we got our gear and took a trip to Kevin’s house. Kevin is the youth leader for Centerpoint Church and they were having a service in the evening. So after hanging out for a couple hours we headed back to the church for the youth service. The youth group was called XS Youth which we thought might mean Xylophone Soup Youth, I don’t think we found out what it means. It was an explosive night with the youth, they did some kind of challenge where you try and grab with your mouth chocolate Swiss rolls floating in a bowl of milk. It was pretty crazy! After the service Kevin invited a few of the youth leaders over like Paul and Josh and a guy named John Anthony. We got to spend some time chit chatting and we watched the movie Rat Race. It was a great way to spend the evening! We were blessed with such godly fun group of people!

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