November 9-11, 2016

…The day we arrived in Flagstaff Cheryl, who has been so amazing, was keeping Trevor’s and Jonathan’s strollers over these past 3 months and drove out 3 hours to drop them off. She and her grandson also dropped us off at Home Depot where we made solar panel rigs for our strollers. Now we can move the solar panels in the direction of the sun more easily to get the most energy. After Home Depot we dropped our stuff off at the hostel and ate dinner. We had a few other errands to run the next day and unfortunately we could not get another room at the hostel for the night. There was a cheaper inn down the road a couple blocks that we could afford, so we disposed our luggage off there and walked to the Home Depot. We got some tools to create a better suspension for our strollers so that we will be able to carry about 45 pounds of water,  including food. We got all the materials we needed and went back to the motel. Along the way we stocked up on food for the next 2 weeks. When we got to the inn it was late so we ate dinner and went to sleep. We wanted to work on the suspension at a backpacking store called REI, but had a couple wrong parts to fix it with. So Mark ran back to The Home Depot to get the material and Jonathan and Trevor met up with him at REI. There was a big sale going on there so while we waited we got some gear. When Mark got there  we started setting up shop. The bike shop in REI helped us out with some tools to take apart the strollers suspension. It was quite a process but we were able to take it apart and apply the new material to the suspension. We only got Mark’s stroller done because it took us a long time to figure out what we were doing. It was getting late so we started looking for places to stay in the area when a guy named Max who works at REI told us that we could stay in his living room for the night. We knew Max since the last time we were in Flagstaff about 3 months ago, he is a super chill guy. He was more than willing to let us stay at his place. We walked to his house which was right down the road from REI and set up camp there…

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