November 8, 2014: Chillaxing at Starbucks

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…Lisa in the morning took us to breakfast at Sonic and then to Dunkin Donut’s beside the Chikfila where we were at yesterday for some bible study. We met a couple at the donut shop who were fellow Christians, I am sorry I forgot your names! Anyways they were really sincere and awesome folks on fire for the Lord. They both shared their testimonies and their love story of how God brought them together before they were even married! They stuck together for a few years before both came to know Jesus as a couple. Before we all departed ways we were blessed to pray for each other. We took the day as a workday and walked a few miles down the road into the town of Benton. We ran into a shopping center and decided to look for insoles for Trevor’s new shoes. No luck. So we went to Starbucks and spent the rest of the day there working on the blog and talking to some locals. There was a church down the road, only a few hundred feet where we placed our tents for the night…

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