November 7, 2014: Fitness

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….We started our morning with breakfast at Hardie’s and then walked our way into the town Byant. We took the service road beside the interstate all the way there. Trevor was struggling with a nasty blister on his foot so when we got into Bryant we found a Chikfila to rest for a while. The people there were super nice, like all Chikfila’s, and the manager gave us free meal cards to use at any Chikfila we wanted! During our time there we got to minister to a few people just through our story. We got to pray and help one guy rededicate his life to Jesus! Amen! It was a very loving atmosphere and I personally think that people should eat at Chikfila for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We were blessed. Looking for a place to camp afterwards, we went to a few inns and asked for a discount but the offers they made us were out of our budget. We then felt a leading to go to a random workout place called 10 fitness. Turns out one of the employees there, Lisa, let us take showers and after that was going to let us camp, but then decided to invite us to her house. She cooked us dinner and gave us the couches and a single mattress to sleep on for the night…

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  • Mike anthony says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much your stories have encouraged me and helped me. I have been doin announcements at church and talk about your journey and the things that are happening as you minister. We pray Gods continued blessing on you both.

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