November 5-6, 2014: Bass Pro Shopping

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…Friendly Chapel gave us a ride back to the location we left off in the morning and we got to say goodbye to those friendly faces before they drove off. It was yet another rainy day so after we spent time with Lord we got our rain gear on and set forth on in the shower. Since it was pouring we did not want to to set up camp because our tents would be soaked and we sold be sleeping in some puddles. So when we finished walking we tried finding a place. One man at a gas station told us that there was a very cheap and good rate inn down the road. We went there and found out that we had to be 21 to be able to get a room for the night. So, we kept going on into the night until we finally came to another inn where you also had to be 21 years of age. Only a month away from turning 21! (At least for Trevor). They let us get a room anyways for a cheap rate..

..The following day we made our way into the town of Bryant not to far down the road because we found a Bass Pro Shop and we decided to get some gear. Trevor needed new shoes and I needed a head lamp and some other small things. It took a good portion of the day and it was evening by the time we we’re done. After dinner we then kind of stealth camped behind the Bass Pro Shop in the woods. God provided us a perfect little spot to set up our tents and sleep…

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  • Eddie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Trevor and Johnathan.
    I’m so thankful to God for brothers like you and for God arranging the time and place in order for Trish and I to be able to pray and encourage one another. It was a huge blessing to us. Thanks for sharing your testimony. Until we see you again, know that you are in our prayers.

    Eddie & Trish

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