November 4-9

….Setting sail for the next and final part of the trip! We left in a very packed tight car last Friday with Mel, who is a good friend of ours and has been a part of our home church for a long time. It took us about three days to get to Flagstaff. Time wise we were going at a good pace but we also were able to stop at a few spots along the way. “The Ark Encounter ” was one of them. It was a museum/life sized replica of Noah’s Ark and it was insanely ginormous and very informative. We drove through the night and visited some friends along the way and stayed at one of their houses in Albuquerque. Flagstaff was next on the map. Mark, who is joining us for a month meet us there and we drove down to Phoenix to visit Trevor’s uncle Tim. We stayed there and he took us around to view some beautiful places in Arizona for a couple days. Mel stayed a day and the following morning parted ways. It was a blast to be able to drive with Mel across the states and we are so grateful for his spontaneity to drive us out to continue the journey. After being overwhelmed with jaw dropping beauty, Tim dropped us back off in Flagstaff and we rigged up some solar panel mounts at the Home Depot. During our time here we got a room at the Grand Canyon Hostel in town for the night…

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