November 30, 2014: Unity Baptist Family Time

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…Unity Baptist Church picked us up by the church bus in the morning and we arrived at the bible study. We spoke about our trip and answered questions the youth had for us. After the bible study we went to the service. The church had a choir for worship that was conducted by Brother Jay. It was very passionate and different from your regular church band. The pastor had a very good and short to the point message that was powerful. After the service people blessed us with funds for the trip and a family invited us over some leftover thanksgiving meal potluck. After lunch they invited us to also come to the evening, but we wanted to walk a little more so they offered to pick us up. We walked about 5 miles and got picked up by Amber, one of the girls who was at lunch with us. The youth group was going to lead worship for the night service and the youth worship leader, Autumn (who is Amber’s sister), asked us if we would do a song. We did “How He Loves.” Many were touched by the service. Afterwards Mrs. Kay and her family (Autumn, Amber, Philip) gave us a place to stay at their house for the night. She also invited a bunch of youth over for pizza. We had a great time and were truly blessed to spend time with such a loving church family…

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