November 3-4, 2014: James and Trains

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…Farewell Little Rock! Breakfast at the Salvation Army started early in the morning and we got to walking as well. Some people outside of the Salvation Army needed some prayer and encouragement so we tried our best to do so. On our way outside of Little Rock we met James, a fellow traveler who has been hitchhiking and train jumping for about 3 years. He decided to walk with us a little while after hearing our story. We manage walk just outside the city to a McDonald’s where we ate dinner and talked more. It was raining that evening and we conveniently found a bridge to camp under, and let James try out one of our tents for the night…

…The next sunrise we packed up and since it was raining throughout the day and James did not have any water proof gear to keep him dry for walking, we decided we would try and find some gear and a place to stay for the night. We tried a church nearby but they couldn’t take us in because of an event they were having that evening. Earlier that day we went back to McDonald’s and saw Ben who was from Friendly Chapel. He bought us breakfast and gave his phone number if we needed a place to stay we could come back to the church. We felt like it was a good idea. It was great because James needed some clothes for this upcoming winter, so when we got there he found some at the thrift store in the church. The church also fed us dinner. James felt like he should start leaving to catch the next train so he didn’t stay that much longer. Before he left he played his banjo for us and Trevor jammed on his guitar with him. It was great getting to meet and hear his stories of traveling far and wide. We also got to have a very thought provoking bible study with him before he left, we did some of the book of James, and he got a lot out of it. It was definitely a learning experience. We’re not the only ones traveling across the USA!

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