November 28-29, 2014: Brother Jay

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….We took a break on the 28th and worked for the day on the blog and posted pictures. The following day we started walking out of Hope, Arkansas. On our way out of the town a certain church called Unity Baptist caught our eye and we felt a leading to go to the church. When we got there the office was unfortunately closed Saturday, but on our way leaving the church property we ran into the youth pastor and worship director, Brother Jay. He started talking to us and was really interested in what we were doing. I guess it’s not everyday you get to meet two young men walking across America. We talked for a while and he eventually took us to get a room at a hotel in town. He drove us on the church bus and arranged for us to get picked up in the morning for church. Later he took us out for dinner at a Italian Restaurant in town and spent time getting to know us more. Apparently, Brother Jay was not usually at the church on Saturdays, but on this particular day he happened to be there when we arrived. It was a total God encounter and plan. Brother Jay also asked if we could speak to the youth for bible study in the morning. We agreed, and after we finished we went back to the hotel..

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