November 26-27, 2014: A Thankful Day

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….We managed in the morning to find a ride back to where the police pick us up last night to take us to the hotel. We couldn’t find a ride for a while until we went to the gas station next door and found a kind man who was pumping gas, he gave us a ride to where we needed to be. We had a late start and made it to a small town called Emmet. It was dark at this point while we were walking. A young man came across the street and was heading to work around the same time we were walking by. He was on the edge about giving his life to Jesus and we were the final push to him finally asking him into his heart! It was amazing and we explained to him what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Further down the road we found a camping spot next to a chicken food mill. It did not smell too good but it was the only open space we could find…

…For Thanksgiving day we walked into the town of Hope in the morning. While walking a lady pulled over and gave us a breakfast of donuts and other goodies. Coming into town we felt that we should go to a Church of Christ where a family feed us their share of a Thanksgiving meal. Further into town a gas station gave us more food to devour and then made our way off the main road to a motel about a mile or two away. There we got a room and video called our families at home. We also had a great night of fellowship between the two of us. It wasn’t the thanksgiving we were expecting, but we were thankful for each other as best friends and that we did not have to spend the holiday alone and hungry. We are blessed!

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