November 25 - December 2, 2016

…Next few day we walked into Seligman, Arizona, an old Route 66 town. We traveled back out on the old Route 66 and that took us all the way into the town. No more dirt roads! When we got into town we ate at a restaurant/motel and had our hunger filled. Trevor’s Uncle Tim and his girlfriend Diana were on a camping trip and were in the area so they stopped by and we stayed in their camper for the night. They cooked us and fed us well with dinner. In the morning we went back to the motel/restaurant called The Motel 66 and they gave us a free night in exchange for some clean up jobs. We raked leaves, pulled out weeds, and scrubbed down room walls with bleach and made the place look real nice. We got to go into town and checked out the rustic Route 66 automobiles and vintage town houses when we were done. We stayed there about two nights and worked there to keep the free nights free.. It took us a bit to get out of Seligman, but we did in the afternoon the next day. Trevor had a flat tire on his wheel and we did not have a spare, but the front desk lady knew a guy in town that could help. He came on by, had a spare tire and replaced it free of charge. We left the motel and continued further into town to get groceries and then headed outside of town. We continued down the road for about 3 miles and camped out along the old Route 66. We continued on for a few more days until we came to Peach Springs which was on a Hualapai Native American reservation. We met two fellow bikers on our way traveling from Boston to San Francisco and got to talk and get some pictures of them. They have gone a little faster than us on bike and left about three months ago. Walking takes a while longer! When we got into town we ate at a restaurant, walked a mile or two further, and camped off the side of the road…

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