November 24-25, 2014: The Towns of Gurdon and Prescott

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….On our venture today we made it to the small town of Gurdon, AR. Coming into the town a lady invited us to lunch at a place called Pizza Barn and treated us to a good meal. After lunch we walked further into town and ran into a guy who was struggling with his relationship with the Lord. We reaffirmed to him that Jesus loved him and advised him to continue to read in his word more and more each day. We prayed for him and it really lightened up his mood. We went to a church that was closed and then to a medical clinic in town. The ladies there found us a place to stay, a mission in town that hands out food for the poor. They were able to get ahold of the supervisor who let us spend the night in the building, he was out of town but he let us help ourselves to the food there and we had a warm place to stay…

…The next day we walked far to the town of Prescott, AR where a lady got us a place to stay through the Prescott police station. They got us a stay at the America’s Best Value Inn in town. The cop drove us there because it was late and it would have taken us another hour or two to walk there. We are very thankful for all the help they provided us, it was quite a God send for a long sore day of walking!

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  • Josie Carlton says:

    The Pizza Barn in Gurdon is a good place to eat!!! I believe the guy you are talking about who owns the mission there that hands out the food is Tommy Potter!! Hes a really nice guy as well! I used to work in the Arkadelphia and Gurdon area as a Paramedic so I got to know alot of the people in those areas!! Glad you were able to find good people there to help you!!!!

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